About the District

The Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management District is a union municipal district dedicated to providing solid waste management authority, services, and planning to its member towns. The District was chartered in 1981 and currently serves fourteen Vermont towns. Each member municipality appoints a representative and an alternate to serve on the Board of Supervisors. The Board meets to set policy and make major decisions for SW/WCSWMD.

​The District operates like all Vermont municipalities; open meeting laws apply. The public is welcome to attend quarterly District meetings and monthly Executive Committee meetings.

Most towns belong to a solid waste district; there are more than a dozen in the state. Each district must have a Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP) that is approved by the Agency of Natural Resources by conforming to the Vermont Revised Solid Waste Management Plan. Both state and district plans are revised every five years. 

The District is managed by the Mount Ascutney Regional Commission, Thomas J. Kennedy, Executive Director

Message from the District Manager

Hello, my name is Tom Kennedy and I’m the District Manager. Let me give you a little information about myself and how the District is presently being managed. Since 1989, I have worked at the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission, which is commonly referred to as the RPC. In 1991, I became the Executive Director of the RPC. The RPC is an organization that assists towns in Southern Windsor County in land use, transportation, environmental, emergency management and community development planning. In July 2007, the District entered into a one-year contract with the RPC to provide administrative and management services; the District renewed the contract in July 2008. As District Manager, I see my role as trying to provide  residents/non-residents within the District  with cost-effective services and to assist the Recycling Coordinator in reducing the amount of waste entering landfills. If you have any questions, please call or stop by the office.

District Bylaws

If you would like to read about the creation and organization of the District, click here.